Pound’s Drop Can Lift Your Gift!

June 26th, 20171:00 pm @


The 2 month low for the pound means that every dollar given to Pembroke NOW will equate to more pounds sterling and will make an even greater impact on “real-life” at College .

pound dollar graph

Pembroke’s Development Office has asked that we encourage all US alumni to consider donating to the Annual Fund before the end of the academic year (July 31st, 2017) in order to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference for Pembroke.

Your generosity will help provide many benefits to Pembroke’s current students and ensure that they all enjoy not only an excellent academic experience at Pembroke, but also many of the “added extras” which make College life so special.

This is a unique time to make your tax deductible gift to Pembroke go further!

Click here to make your donation today!!

Thank you for your generous support.

–The PCFNA & Tom Williams (Pembroke Annual Fund)