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Vision & Mission

The Pembroke College Foundation’s mission is to support the educational and philanthropic efforts of Pembroke College, Oxford University, one of Oxford’s 39 constituent colleges, founded in 1624.


For nearly 25 years, this independent, not-for-profit entity has acted as the primary liaison between Pembroke College, Oxford, and its North American alumni and friends. The Foundation’s mission is strongly supported by Pembroke’s current MasterDame Lynne Brindley.


The Foundation helps to organize social events in the United States and Canada to bring Pembroke alumni and friends together and develop a Pembroke College North American community. It periodically publishes a newsletter, The North American Pembrokian, with news of particular interest to alumni and friends of Pembroke College, Oxford. It hosts this website. It conducts the Foundation’s North American annual appeal, and supports other Pembroke fundraising efforts.
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