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Who We Are

The Pembroke College Foundation Inc., one of the first independent, tax-exempt organizations created to support an individual college of Oxford University, Pembroke College (founded in 1624).


The Pembroke College Foundation serves the 1,000+ alumni of Pembroke College, Oxford who are currently live in the United States and Canada.


The Pembroke College Foundation was organized in 1984 at the suggestion of then-Master Sir Roger Bannister to help support Pembroke College Oxford, and to nurture the Pembroke College community in North America.
To make a donation in support of Pembroke College, please go here.


We hope that you enjoy learning more about the Pembroke College Foundation and our efforts to support Pembroke.


We encourage your suggestions and the participation of all alumni and friends of Pembroke in our efforts, so please reach out to us!


We thank you for your interest and support.
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