Prof. Nicholas Cole & Prof. Peter Claus Visit Boston

September 11th, 20169:04 pm @


Professors Cole and Claus Visit Boston

Professors Nicholas Cole and Peter Claus With PCFNA President Tom Herman

Pembroke Fellows Nicholas Cole (left) and Peter Claus (right) visited Boston on September 6 and met for lunch with Pembroke College Foundation President Tom Herman (center). Nicholas reported great progress on his U.S. Constitutional Convention digitization project, based at Pembroke, which will be publically launched in Oxford on October 14, 2016. In addition to his academic duties as a member of the history faculty, Peter is Pembroke’s (and the University’s) first Access Fellow. In this capacity, Peter leads Pembroke’s trailblazing efforts to attract to Pembroke students from underserved regions and public schools, and to make sure they are prepared for Oxford’s rigorous academic environment.