Esteemed Pembrokian Honored By Google…On His 308th Birthday

September 18th, 20177:16 am @


Dr. Johnson via Google


Today Google crafted a Google Doodle in honor of Samuel Johnson’s 308th birthday.

You can see it here 

And read about it here

Importantly, Dr. Johnson was only able to attend Pembroke College, Oxford for one year…after which his funds ran out.

If you are so inclined, think about how much your gift to Pembroke could’ve mattered to that esteemed 1st year with a grand sense of humor.

Consider how much your gift to Pembroke might help the next generation of budding Dr. Johnsons?

Your gifts to Pembroke via the Pembroke College Foundation of North America…MATTER.

Thank you.

PS- We fully recognize that those Pembrokians with Scottish heritage might not be as keen on Dr. Johnson, who famously defined OATS as—

Oats: A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland appears to support the people.